HEEF Kicks off 9th Annual Alumni Challenge

In a close race, the winners of the 2012 HEEF Alumni challenge are...The UC-Irvine Anteaters with $1,500 in support. Congratulations!

They were followed by the Lumberjacks from Northern Arizona University with $1,479, Other Colleges & Universities $800, the University of Arizona $375 and Arizona State University $51, for a grand total of $4,205!

The HEEF would like to thank the following who made a pledge/contribution on behalf of their alma mater:
Pam Powell, Mildred Nayaytewa, Barbara Poley, Vernon Kahe, Joan Timeche, Vell Joshevama-Davis, Nancy Yaiva, Romalita Laban, LuAnn & Bernard Leonard, Mike Adams, Terry Hines, Nikishna Polequaptewa, Carlene Tenakhongva, Monica Kahe, Sam Tenakhongva, Stan Yaiva, Kassondra Yaiva, Todd Wilcox, Linda Lomahaftewa, Dr. Paul Ferrer, Matt Livingston, Donald & Marion Slack and Katherine Rohrer.

For over 12 years the HEEF has helped to support over 6,000 financial awards totaling $6.1 million dollars in the form of grants and scholarships to deserving Hopi  college students. Help us continue to support Hopi college students by investing in their future and making your pledge for the 2012 HEEF Alumni Challenge TODAY!

To make a contribution on behalf of your alma mater the HEEF is accepting donations by clicking DONATE button ABOVE RIGHT or via cash, check, money order, and credit/debit card (VISA/MasterCard). Click here for a Dowloadable Donation Form.

The HEEF is a non-profit entity of the Hopi Tribe. All contributions are tax-deductible and all participants will be recognized on our website. For more information on the alumni challenge or to make a contribution contact the HEEF at (928) 734-2275, via e-mail: heef@hopieducationfund.org Weekly pledge totals will be posted at here and on twitter.com/HEEF and the HEEF Facebook page.




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