HEEF Welcomes New Board Members

On October 5, 2012, the Hopi Education Endowment Fund (HEEF) held their annual meeting at which they seated seven members to their Board. HEEF President Eileen Egan, herself a renewed member, addressed the Board and asked them to join her in welcoming new members Mike Finney, Darold Joseph, and Tim Evans along with renewed members Lois Reynosa, Kerry Green and Stephanie Parker. Egan stated, "Following a thorough and competitive review, each member brings skills and expertise from backgrounds including marketing, accounting, legal, development and education, that will help the HEEF in fulfilling and carrying out our mission, which is cultivating and nurturing the future of our Hopi people through education by growing and safeguarding a perpetual source of funding." HEEF Executive Director LuAnn Leonard added, ”Each of these outstanding individuals were elected to the board based on their skills, background, and commitment to the HEEF. The HEEF welcomes each new and returning member to the HEEF family.”

In addition to welcoming new members, the HEEF also honored and thanked outgoing members Monica Nuvamsa, Dr. Lee Gaseoma, Karen Francis-Begay, Dr. Cedric Kavena, Nancy Yaiva and founding member Dr.Sheilah Nicholas. Leonard stated, "Each of the these individuals have given tremendous amounts of time, energy and support to the HEEF. Their leadership and commitment to the HEEF and its mission are invaluable and we thank them service to the organization. Each will be truly missed, but they know that  the work they contributed on behalf of the HEEF has and will continue to create opportunities for future Hopi students."

Other business attended to during the meeting included an update of the HEEF financial portfolio, which is valued at $19.5 million, reports from committees, officers and staff on program funding and upcoming fundraising events including the 2012 Alumni Challenge which will start on October 19.




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