HEEF Awards $16,000 through Community Grant Program

In early March 2012, the Hopi Education Endowment Fund (HEEF) announced it would be accepting funding proposals from community programs and projects that provide educational programming to Hopi students. With $16,000 in available funding and following an intensive review by the HEEF team, the HEEF is pleased to announce that the following programs were selected to receive funding for the 2012 HEEF Community Grant Program:

2012 HEEF Community Grant Recipients

Songoopavi Kitsoki Summer Youth Enrichment Project – Loma Tu tu kay ki: Awarded $4,000

Shungopavi Village in collaboration with Mrs. Diane Lomahaftewa and Mr. Stanford Lomakema will provide community youth an opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills in leadership, Hopi language, Hopi Culture and academic skils (Math/Reading).  Participants of the program will learn to develop inner self-esteem through language acquisition and educational achievement and also through creativity of traditional/cultural art work, gathering and preparation of Hopi traditional foods and the important roles that males and females play in our cultural society.  As a Hopi one must recognize that “Kyavtsi, Sumi’nanwa, Nami’nangwa, Hita’nangwa and Pasi’nangwa” are the key components in reaching the true understanding of their culture and roots.  These core components will be emphasized throughout class project activities to include: classes, artwork, field explorations and community service.

Hopitutuqaiki- Hopi Language Arts Based Preschool: Awarded $3,850
The 2012 Hopi Language Arts- Based Preschool provided experiences for 3 and 4 year- old Hopi students in Hopi language and culture.  Student’s Hopi names are used and classroom activities included Hopi children’s songs and games.  The class takes field trips to nearby fields, springs and gardens.  While the emphasis is on Hopi language and culture, activities include various arts projects and other ways of accomplishing the Arizona State Standards for early childhood.

Hopi Leadership Program: Awarded: $8,150
Established in 2006 as a pilot program, the Hopi Leadership Program is designed to equip emerging Hopi- Tewa leaders with culturally- based training in community development and leadership that will enable participants to effectively lead and manage local grassroots and philanthropic organizations.  Having completed three program years since 2006, 37 individuals have completed the Program. The Hopi Leadership Program has become recognized as a premiere leadership program for Native Americans nationally by Native Americans in Philanthropy, a national Native American philanthropic organization dedicated to building capacity and supporting local tribal philanthropy.

As part of the funding process, and in order to be considered for funding, a program had to demonstrate that they were a structured educational program, which would provide activities in support of the educational needs, goals and programs of the Hopi Tribe. HEEF Executive Director LuAnn  Leonard stated, “We are glad to once again commit HEEF resources to fund a variety of summer programs that will benefit the Hopi people. What’s most exciting is that these programs are developed with the needs of our communities at the forefront.” She added, that through continued support, the HEEF will be able to continue to fund future educational programs.





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