Black bead necklace
by Charlene Little
donated by Mike Weddle

Price: $95


Wagon Wheel painted
w/ Natural pigments by
Donna Humetewa
Price: $750


4 - 18" silver link chains
by Loren Kootswatewa
Price: $90 each

8" silver large link
wristlet chain by
Loren Kootswatewa

Palhikwmana w/
grinding box by
Price: $560

Chanters #9 by
Arlo Namingha
Price: $2,100

"She Grows Flowers"
framed print by
Melanie Yazzie
Price: $640

Tufa cast Butterfly
pendant by
Iva Honyestewa
Price: $145

14K gold earrings w/
petersite stone by
Duane Maktima
Price: $1,680
Set Price: $2,500


14K gold pendant w/
Petersite stone by
Duane Maktima
Price: $1,470
Set Price: $2,500

Corn Dancer katsina
doll by Darrance

Landscape Study #13 ink
on paper by
Dan Namingha
Price: $1,400


Navajo inlay pendant,
bracelet & earrings by
Ray Tracey donated
by Detwiler Family Trust
Price: $2,450
Pendant: $1,260
Bracelet: $900
Earrings: $225


Pink Beaded necklace
by Detwiler Family Trust
Price: $115


Watchband with Zuni
inlay Turquoise
by Detwiler Family Trust
Price: $80



Gold inlay watchband
by Detwiler Family Trust
Price: $205

Pottery by Marty Naha
donated by

Beaded fringe leather
jacket donated by
Marvin Call
Price: $525

Silver overlay bolo tie
w/ H.W. and stone
donated by Detwiler
Family Trust
price: $240

Handmade sterling
silver Hawk Bell
earrings by Peter
Roybal donated by
Dan Bott
Price: $425

43"x62" Navajo Rug by
Alice Katoney donated
by Robert Rhodes
Price: SOLD

Sterling Silver bracelet by
Duane Maktima
donated by
Case Trading Post
Price: $1,260

"Hopi" lithograph print by
Dan Namingha
donated by Glenn Green
Price: $2,100

Hopi piki bowl

Silver overlay pendant
w/ Longhair design by
Gerald Lomaventema
Price: $240

Pottery pipe by
Gloria Kahe

"Green Racers"
blockprint by
America Meridith
Price: $155

5 piece quilted
tabletop set by
Ella Humetewa
Price: $75






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Kykotsmovi, AZ 86039
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Hopi Education Endowment Fund