HEEF kicks off 2013 Alumni Challenge

Launching in 2005, through the collective effort of 105 alumni, $28,000 has been contributed to the HEEF.  "One of the intended goals of the Challenge was to create an avenue for Hopi alumni to give back and help the next student. Along the way, they have been joined by others and is a great example of community giving and the value of reciprocity," said HEEF Executive Director LuAnn Leonard. She added, "supporting campaigns such as the alumni challenge, helps the HEEF provide direct support to Hopi college students. For example, during the Spring 2012 semester, funds from the Challenge helped to fund 123 students attending 42 different institutions in 13 states with 23 Hopi students receiving their degree at the end of the term."

So, what is the Challenge?
The Alumni Challenge is a 4-week fundraising and pits alumni of the three Arizona universities and a combined group of “other” colleges/universities in a competition to see which group can raise the most funds. The goal of this year's Alumni Challenge is to raise at least $6,000 which will added to the endowed fund.

Who can Give?
Everyone! You can donate on behalf of your alma mater or on behalf of a family member.

How long does the challenge last?
The Alumni Challenge starts October 4, 2013 through November 1, 2013.

How can I Give?
The HEEF accepts cash, checks and credit cards (Visa/MasterCard) or you can donate online HERE via the HEEF PayPal account. To make a contribution on behalf of your alma mater the HEEF is accepting donations by clicking DONATE button ABOVE RIGHT or via cash, check, money order, and credit/debit card (VISA/MasterCard). Click here for a Downloadable Donation Form.

No matter the amount of contribution you can make, a small contribution can go a long way. For instance, in 2009 the Alumni Challenge was won by .60! Since 2001, the HEEF has helped over 230 students earn their college degree. When you give to the HEEF Alumni Challenge you are helping not only the next 200+ students but are also supporting education programs for Hopi students. Don't miss your chance to make an impact!

Weekly pledge totals will also be posted at twitter.com/HEEF and the HEEF Facebook page.

The HEEF is a non-profit entity of the Hopi Tribe. All contributions are tax-deductible and all participants will be recognized on our website. For more information on the alumni challenge or to make a contribution contact the HEEF at (928) 734-2275, via e-mail: heef@hopieducationfund.org Weekly pledge totals will be posted at here and on twitter.com/HEEF and the HEEF Facebook page.


2013 HEEF Alumni Challenge Weekly Update:
Northern Arizona University: $747.50
University of Arizona: $127.50
University of New Mexico: $150

3 Week Total: $1,025



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