Fall Brings New Faces and Initiatives to the HEEF

The Hopi Education Endowment Fund (HEEF) is pleased to announce that Lois Reynosa-Qumyintewa has been elected to serve for a second term as President for the HEEF for 2014-15.  President Qumyintewa said, "It's an honor to be elected to serve for a second term. I look forward to continuing the success HEEF has achieved and providing added opportunities for growth." Qumyintewa comes from the village of Shungopavi and is a member of the Water Clan and is a Senior Accountant for Northern Arizona Healthcare.  LuAnn Leonard, HEEF Executive Director stated “President Qumyintewa demonstrated leadership, compassion and commitment during her first term as President.  She is a thoughtful leader who will help us to achieve a productive and prosperous year.”

Other officer positions filled were Kim Kahe Corkin (Sipaulovi) as Vice-President, Ali Gabriel of Phoenix, AZ as Treasurer and Mike Finney from Tempe, AZ as Secretary.   Other members of the Executive Committee include:  Romalita Laban of Walpi, Eileen Egan of Old Oraibi, and the newest member Darold Joseph from Moencopi.

In early October HEEF board members met in Flagstaff for their annual meeting.  During the meeting the HEEF introduced newly elected members and renewed members. Board members re-elected for another term include Mike Adams (Tewa), Dr. Angela Gonzales (Shungopavi), and Dr. Pam Powell of Flagstaff.  Newly elected members are:  Lyle Balenquah (Bacavi), Brent Hines (Moencopi), Dr. Tsanina Lomawaima (Mvskoko Nation), Debbie Nez Manuel (Navajo), Trevor Reed (Hotevilla), Bruce Talawyma (Hotevilla), DeAlva Honahnie (Old Oraibi) and  Winifred Wong of Phoenix.  Nominating Committee Chairperson, Dr. Angela Gonzales, stated that “Each of these outstanding individuals have demonstrated a commitment to helping Hopi students achieve their educational aspirations and bring to the board many important skills, experiences, and knowledge that will help advance the mission of the HEEF.”  The contributions of outgoing members Susan Nayatewa, Jose Acevedo, and Teresa Masayesva were also honored and recognized at the meeting.

During the meeting HEEF members and the public received an update of the HEEF financial portfolio, which is valued at $22 million, reports from committees, officers and staff on program funding and upcoming fundraising events such as the current 2014 HEEF Alumni Challenge.

In other HEEF news, the HEEF Program Committee recently awarded the second round of IMAGINE Community grants to two new programs.  The first, Adventures for Hopi (A4H) is a newly created program awarded $4,740.00.  Program Director, Marshall Masayesva explained that “Adventures for Hopi is geared towards Hopi & Tewa youth and utilizes outdoor education & recreation as a medium for cultural preservation, community-based social change and environmental stewardship.” He further shared that “the program focuses on health, development, opportunity, service, and education. These focus areas are incorporated into adventure pursuits which include activities such as but not limited to; climbing, hiking, backpacking, rafting, canyoneering, and climbing.”  The initial grant is being used to purchase equipment and train the staff who will implement programming for Hopi-Tewa youth in the near future.  Masayesva is from Bacavi Village and received his Baccalaureate degree in Adventure Education in 2014 from Ft. Lewis College in Durango, Colorado.  During his undergraduate education, Masayesva was a recipient of HEEF funding through the Hopi Tribe Grants and Scholarship Program.  Adventures for Hopi can be found at www.adventuresforhopi.org or on Facebook under Adventures For Hopi.

The second program, Healthy Hopi Youth Initiative for Higher Education, a new program from the Hopi Jr.-Sr. High School was awarded $6,215.00.  The Healthy Hopi Youth Initiative’s mission is to train Hopi/Tewa Youth to be their own educators in the community.  Co-Program Coordinator, Lynn Fredericks shared that “As youth educators, students will produce educational materials, skits and videos to inform the Hopi public about healthy choices and goal oriented living.  Furthermore, youth will be guided to establish goals and career paths to enhance their future.”   Diane Albert, Co-Program Coordinator stated:  “We believe that if youth incorporate Hopi cultural teachings, take care of their body, mind and spirit that this will in turn allow them to excel academically, reach their personal higher education goals, career choices, stay healthy and be empowered as leaders.”  She added that by investing in and empowering our youth to be educated leaders, we are fostering role models who can have a substantial impact in the Hopi community.”  The program goal is to create a United National Indian Tribal Youth (UNITY) chapter at Hopi Jr.-Sr. High School located in Keams Canyon on the Hopi reservation.

HEEF President Qumyintewa stated that “the HEEF is proud to support innovative and creative programs for the Hopi community through the IMAGINE grants.  It is through programs such as these that positive changes will evolve for our people.”




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