HEEF Awarded $20,000from San Manuel Band of Mission Indians

Through their charitable giving program, the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians recently awarded the Hopi Education Endowment Fund (HEEF) $20,000. Focused on areas of Education, Health, Economic Development and Special Projects, the award will enable the HEEF to support existing grants and scholarships for Hopi college students.

Starting in summer 2013, the award will be utilized to support current scholarships awarded through the Hopi Tribe Grants & Scholarship Program including the Hopi Education Award, Tuition/Book Award, Hopi Academic Achievement Award and Tribal Priority Scholarships as well as other award categories. Faced with continued financial needs for college students due to increased tuition costs, stagnant funding levels and a increased student population seeking educational opportunities, the award will significantly impact and provide additional opportunities for Hopi students.

HEEF Executive Director LuAnn Leonard stated, "We thank the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians and applaud their generosity for helping the HEEF in creating additional scholarships for our Hopi people," adding, “the financial support given will help us to sustain and strengthen the future of our Hopi people through education, which is essentially the core of our mission.” 

“On behalf of the HEEF Board Members, staff and most importantly our Hopi people, it is with great pleasure that we accept the wonderful grant award which San Manuel has so generously made in the name of educational endeavors for the Hopi people,” added HEEF President Terri Hines. “Through the support provided by San Manuel, the award will provide scholarships which will directly benefit Hopi students.  Askwali to the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians.”

The HEEF is a non-profit entity of the Hopi Tribe. For more information contact HEEF via e-mail: heef@hopieducationfund.org





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