HEEF Board Members 2012-2013

HEEF Executive Committee 2012-13

Terry Hines, President
Chief Operating Office, Child Crisis Center

My vision is to see HEEF continue to grow, and thereby ensuring Hopi students for generations to come, financial assistance as they reach toward their dream of going to college.

Jon Joshevama, Vice President
Lower Moenkopi
Performance Improvement/Quality Management Coordinator

For HEEF to have a dynamic role in growing the professional knowledge base for the long term improvement of Hopi and Tewa people.

Janet Regner, Treasurer
Coconino County Community Services, Director

As a member of HEEF, it is my sincere hope that each Hopi student who wants to continue their education in order to attain their personal goal of educational and career fulfillment will be able to do so through the availability of HEEF scholarships

Dr. Angela Gonzales, Secretary
Associate Professor, Cornell University
Department of Development Sociology

Mike Finney, Member

I would like to assist in opening a significant new funding source that will dramatically enhance the mission of HEEF. Education is a game changer, the game changer, and there are no limitations for anyone who desires to achieve.

Dr. Matthew Sakiestewa Gilbert, Member
Assistant Professor of American Indian Studies & History, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

I want to advance the educational opportunities of Hopi students by supporting and strengthening the goals and objectives of the HEEF. To excel in school takes much sacrifice and hard work. It takes persistence and dedication.

Jamie Navenma, Member

I would like to contribute my experience and knowledge on housing, construction, energy development training & technical assistance on to the other members and hopefully students. I appreciate the work and knowledge the HEEF staff and board provide to the community and especially to the students.

Chairman LeRoy Shingoitewa, Ex Officio Member
Vice Chairman Herman Honanie, Ex Officio Member
Alph Secakuku, Ex Officio Member

HEEF Board Members 2012-13

Monica Kahe
Teacher Gila Crossing Community School

I envision HEEF to one day meet the funding needs of all our educational endeavors. We have the ability to go much further than scholarships and Community Grants. With financial funding from our donors and with the talented pool of Hopi professionals, we can create an educational system that meets the cultural, social and political needs of our entire community.

Dr. Pam Powell
Associate Professor, Northern Arizona University
College of Education

I was honored in 2008 to be nominated to serve on HEEF, the organization which assists in generating and maintaining funds to help Hopi scholars attend institutions of higher education. Having had experiences with the outstanding students in the ITM (federal) grant, I am aware of the level of commitment of Hopi scholars and am eager to find ways to contribute to the ongoing education of Hopi students.

Eileen Egan
Non profit consultant

Eileen Egan, a member of the Hopi Tribe, is committed to increasing access to education and knowledge through community based institutions and grass roots initiatives. She worked at the American Indian College Fund of 11 years to support the nation’s 33 tribal colleges and universities. Prior to her work at the Fund, Eileen worked at the Harvard University Native American Program, focusing on student services, recruitment and outreach. Eileen earned her Bachelor’s degree from Emerson College and an Ed.M. from the Harvard University Graduate School of Education. Eileen serves as member of the Board of Trustees for Native Public Media and the Hopi Education Endowment Fund. She is currently participating in the Hopi Foundation Leadership Program.

Lois Reynosa
Senior Accountant
Northern Arizona Healthcare

I envision the HEEF to not only be financially stable but to also have a solid foundation of knowledge and expertise necessary to continue realizing its success in fulfilling its mission

Romalita Laban
Executive Director
Hopi Tewa Women's Coalition to End Abuse

My goal is to contribute to the Programs Committee by sharing my expertise and ideas to aide in the continued success of HEEF

Susan Nayatewa
Senior Social Worker/Supervisor
Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community

Encourage Hopi people, regardless of age to attend higher education and career advancement. I would like to become a mentor for Hopi students attending college in the Phoenix area. Education is critical in obtaining employment and career advancement. Every Hopi should be given the opportunity to attend college.

Michael Adams
Social/Emotional Counselor & Self-Employed Artist

An educational experience beyond high school opens doors to new perspectives broadening personal, community, and cultural understanding, which most importantly contributes to finding your passion.

Sahmie Wytewa
Principal, First Mesa Elementary School

As a member of the HEEF Board my goals are to share knowledge and serve as a resource in building capacity for systemic change that benefits all.

Kerry Green
Gallery Manager

I hope to spread awareness of the HEEF among the Hopi/Tewa Community and beyond and to garner support from new sources. In order to continue and strengthen the beautiful way of life at Hopi, the HEEF exists to support you in your educational endeavors so you can flourish on your chosen path. With education you make yourself stronger as well as your community. "Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid".

Gloria Lomahaftewa
Program Coordinator
Hopi Cancer Assistance Fund

As a member of the HEEF Board I feel we can help to develop and begin work on the realization of a Hopi Museum on the reservation addressing and presenting culture, history, archival resources, music, etc.

Catherine Wright
Public Health Compliance Officer

My contribution to HEEF is my diversity.  Being a guest on the Hopi Reservation for 25 years and being active within the educational system after being formally educated elsewhere creates a different yet informed perspective regarding Hopi education. It is a gift to be educated—be it in a traditional setting, learning from your elders or in a formal setting, learning in a more structured school situation.  Always pursue all types of education and follow your dreams. 

Dr. Michael Stevensen
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, University of Southern Maine

Linda Lomahaftewa
Faculty Member, Institute of American Indian Arts
Studio Arts Department

Teresa Masayesva
Social Program Supervisor
Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community

My primary motivation to serve on the HEEF Board is that it will give me the opportunity to become involved in serving my community, despite living off the Hopi reservation. My work has always revolved around preparing Native American students to be productive and successful members of their community’s workforce through pursuing a higher level of education; it would be exciting to serve my own community in this way.

Stephanie Parker
Chief Operating Officer

Kindness is the greatest virtue. The most important gifts we can give to our children is love and education.

Bruce Steele
Education Consultant

I have a deep and enduring love for the Hopi people and a serious commitment to the success of young people.

Darold Joseph
Educator,  Graduate student- University of Arizona

I see myself utilizing my experience of transitioning from home into academic communities to pursue higher education, to identify best practice of helping youth pursue higher education. In pursuing education it is important to claim your identity and utilize it as a resource to be successful in education settings.

Tim Evans

Given my family, home community, and educational background I have seen both the necessity of obtaining a higher education to become socially mobile as well as the obstacles that can stand in the way of attaining that education. I would like to leverage that experience to the benefit of my wife's tribal community at Hopi. 

Jose Acevedo
Graduate Student, Arizona State University

I enjoy and owe HEEF a lot for giving wonderful donations to my education. My motivation is to help future students with their own dreams.




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